Join the Associate Curator of African American History and Cultural Heritage, Dexter Nelson II, as a Regional Ambassador for History Colorado! Your assistance in establishing contacts, partners, and content will highlight the important contributions African-American’s have played and continue to play in Colorado’s history. Sixteen Regional Ambassadors will be selected, four from each region.

Region 1 (SW) includes Montezuma, Dolores, San Miguel, Montrose, Delta, Gunnison, Ouray, San Juan, La Plata, Archuleta, Hinsdale, Saguache, Mineral, Rio Grande, Conejos, Alamosa, Costilla, and Custer county. As well as parts of Huerfano, Fremont, Teller, park, Chaffee, Pitkin, and Mesa County.

Region 2 (SE) includes El Paso, Lincoln, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Crowley, Pueblo, Las Animas, Baca, Bent, and Prowers county. As well as parts of Huerfano, Douglas, and Kit Carson Counties. 

Region 3 (NW) includes Garfield, Rio Blanco, Moffat, Routt, Jackson, Grand, Larimer, Boulder, Gilipin, Jefferson, Clear Creek, Summit, Eagle, and portions of Park, Lake, Pitkin, and Mesa counties.

Region 4 (NE) includes Kit Carson, Lincoln, Elbert, some of Douglas, Arapahoe, Adams, Denver, Washington, Uma, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Logan, and Weld counties.

**Those who are accepted to the Regional Ambassador Volunteer program will be notified by June 1st at the latest**

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Personal Information


Ambassadors will: 
  • Work with Dexter Nelson II to better understand Black Communities in your area
  • Connect History Colorado to organizations/individuals who promote or preserve Black History near you
  • Help the team create and evaluate content to be included in the "Black Heritage Trail"
  • All selected Ambassadors must pass a background check. 

By typing my name in the box below I am agreeing to all of the above.


The Regional Ambassadors will receive a stipend of $250 at the end of Phase 1 (June 2022). Stipends are not salary or compensation and is meant to support study and research of the Black Heritage Trail during the tenure of the appointment.

By typing my name in the box below I am agreeing to all of the above.

Authorization for Background Check

As an applicant for a Ambassador position at History Colorado, I realize that I must undergo a thorough background check to protect the safety of History Colorado, its visitors, volunteers, and staff. I hereby authorize the release of any information relating to my driving record, criminal history and any additional specific information relating to the position that I am applying for, unless restricted by law. This authorization is made voluntarily, and for the purpose of volunteering only, and information should be given only in response to an authorized request from History Colorado.

*This form is secure, but if you do not feel comfortable entering this number online please enter "000000000" in the SSN section and call Emily Dobish, Director of Volunteer Engagement, at 303.866.3961 to process your background check over the phone.

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Liability Release

I, the undersigned, understand and agree that I assume all responsibility for my own safety while a volunteer , regional ambassador, and fellow, not on the History Colorado payroll. The fellow agrees to hold harmless and indemnify History Colorado from and against any and all losses, damages, liens, claims, demands, debts, obligations, liabilities, fines, penalties, suits or actions, judgments, and costs of any kind whatsoever (including reasonable attorney’s fees) related to the use of any History Colorado facility, caused by any act, omission or neglect of the fellow.

By typing my name in the box below I am agreeing to all of the above.

Title and Copyright Assignment

Any and all photographs, negatives, video footage, images, renderings, and other related materials created, produced, or acquired by Regional Ambassadors in whatever form or medium, electronic or otherwise, in connection with the Services, shall be deemed the “Work.” The Work shall constitute a work made for hire as defined in the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, as amended, 17 U.S.C. § 101. Regional Ambassador acknowledges and agrees that any gains (digital, physical, or other) and all legal title and rights therein are the sole and exclusive property of HC. To the extent that any portion of the Work is not a work made for hire under applicable law, Regional Ambassador hereby irrevocably assigns and transfers to HC all of the right, title and interest in the Work in perpetuity worldwide, including all works based upon, derived from, or incorporating the Work, and any income, royalties, damages and/or payments now or hereafter due or payable with respect to the Work.

Confidentiality Agreement/Photo Release

The regional ambassador agrees that they will not, at any time during or after their volunteer tenure with History Colorado disclose any confidential or proprietary information to any person, other than those persons properly authorized. Additionally, the regional ambassador agrees that they will not permit any person, other than those authorized, to make copies of any reports or documents that were either prepared by the fellow during his/her tenure with History Colorado or which came into his/her possession during his/her tenure with History Colorado.

The regional ambassador recognizes that the disclosure of such information may be harmful to History Colorado, and the fellow agrees that such disclosure is cause for immediate dismissal.

The regional ambassador agrees that s/he will, at all times, comply with all security guidelines that may be in effect for the protection of History Colorado or any department of History Colorado relating to the maintenance of files, documents and/or records.

History Colorado has my permission to take and use my photograph on any type of volunteer or History Colorado related printed, electronic, and/or published materials without compensation to me.

By typing my name in the box below I am agreeing to all of the above.

Demographic Information (Optional)

The information below is used to help us gain a better understanding of the demographic make up of our volunteers

Anti-Racism Grounding Virtues

We, as History Colorado, acknowledge that museums, historical societies, schools, and fields such as history, anthropology, archaeology, and historic preservation have historically prioritized EuroAmerican perspectives and experiences and have misrepresented, excluded, and erased Black, Indigenous, and People of Color perspectives and experiences. Individually and as an organization, we are shaped by and contribute to these racialized systems that manifest in often subtle or invisible ways. Naming and confronting these systems requires us to unlearn harmful long-held ideas, practices, and methodologies and to learn new ways of being in the world.

In pursuit of a more just and equitable Colorado, we embody the grounding virtues listed below as the foundation of all aspects of our work: our thinking, communication, process, outcomes, and evaluation. We commit to work that is guided by, for, and of the communities we build, belong to, and serve. 

View our anti-racism grounding virtues by downloading this pdf here:

Museum Ethics

History Colorado is a state agency and dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards. All History Colorado staff, including volunteers, interns, regional ambassadors, and fellows, must abide by these standards.

1.) Volunteers should be prepared to accept, as conditions of their relationship to History Colorado, any restrictions necessary to maintain public confidence in History Colorado. Should the performance behavior of a fellow in any fashion be deemed unacceptable, it is the prerogative of History Colorado to ask that individual to relinquish his/her fellowship status.

2.) Although History Colorado may accord special privileges, volunteers should not accept gifts, favors, loans, other dispensation, or things of value that accrue to them from other parties in connection with carrying out duties for History Colorado. Conflict-of-interest restrictions placed upon the staff will be explained to fellows and, where relevant, observed by them.

3.) Volunteers must hold matters of program function and administration confidential. Volunteers who have access to History Colorado collections, research, staff activities, and associated privileged information must respect the confidentiality of their positions, as well as the significance and integrity of the collections.

**By accepting this Agreement and submitting this application, candidate understands that Regional Ambassadors are volunteers, and not History Colorado employees, and as such, are not entitled to any benefits that would be associated with employment.**