Volunteers for this program:
1. Must be at least 18 years old.
2. Must complete the following application, and participate in an interview.
3. Must provide requested medical information for all personal pets that would be in contact with foster animals.
4. Must sign the foster agreement pertaining to the animal you are fostering.
5. Must provide in-home care for Burbank Animal Shelter animals assigned under foster program and return animals to the Burbank Animal Shelter.
6. Must keep appropriate weight, medication and/or behavioral records on the foster animal while in your care, and present a profile of the animal to the Burbank Animal Shelter upon return to the Shelter.
7. Must care for foster animals until they are 8 weeks of age and weigh at least 2 lbs.
8. Must be knowledgeable in handling and caring for young animals.
9. Must be willing to show the fostered animal to potential adopters.
This program is an opportunity for you to:
• Give love and affection to a kitten that is so young that yours will be the first safe human interaction for that kitten and will give a lasting foundation for human-animal interaction.
• Provide a safe environment for frightened or unsocialized kittens that have not learned humans can be trusted. You can help a kitten learn new behaviors and better ways to interact.
• Help the Burbank Animal Shelter save more animals by freeing up space in shelter facility.

Please note: The VBAS Kitten Foster Program is staffed entirely by volunteers. Services performed by individuals are voluntary and are without any implied promise of salary, compensation, employment or payment of any kind.

Name and address

Speaking with the Public

Being a foster parent involves contact with the general public. Are you comfortable talking with people?

Personal Pet Profile

Please list all pets currently in your household. List type/breed/sex/age/vaccinations/date altered.

Personal Pet Medical Profile

Please list your veterinarian's name and phone number

Other Rescue Organizations

Please list any other foster or rescue organizations you are a part of:

Young kittens

Please give a brief description of your experience with very young, ill, injured and/or unsocialized animals:

Home Care

Describe the area where the foster animal(s) will be kept. In addition, list the number of hours the kitten(s) be alone on a regular basis?

Why do you want to be a foster parent?

How did you learn about our foster program?

When would you like to start your volunteer work?


I certify that the above is true and accurate. I understand any falsification of the above information may be grounds for denial of this application or termination of my volunteer status. I acknowledge that this application remains on the property of the Burbank Animal Shelter on behalf of the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter. I authorize the VBAS to conduct an on-site inspection of the premises where the animal will be kept.