Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Ramsey County!

Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Ramsey County Community Human Services Department.

Any false or incomplete information may be grounds for not appointing you to a volunteer assignment or ending your assignment after beginning volunteering.

You may be required to verify any or all of the information given on this application.

You authorize and release Ramsey County to contact prior employers, educational institutions and references.

You are responsible for notifying Ramsey County of any changes to your contact information (i.e., phone, email or address).

You will be required to pass a background check as part of this volunteer application process and authorize Ramsey County to conduct a background check.

You may be required to verify parental permission to serve as a volunteer if you are under age 18 by completing a supplemental Parental/Guardian Permission Form. A copy of this form along with a description of the volunteer assignment duties will be given to you and your parent/guardian if you are contacted for further consideration. PLEASE NOTE any minimum age requirements for the volunteer assignment you are seeking.

You will be required to attend an orientation session prior to beginning a volunteer assignment.

Once you complete the form, click the Continue button.

Name and address

Please provide the following information. Most communication from Ramsey County will take place via email.

Demographic Information

The following questions are OPTIONAL, except if you are under age 18, please provide your date of birth (including birth year).


Please indicate the days and times you are usually available to volunteer. This information will be used initially to match your availability with our scheduling needs.

Skills, Interests & Experience

Please tell us about your skills, interests and experiences by completing the following skills inventory. This information will help us to best match you to our volunteer assignment needs.

Educational History

Please provide the following information.

Relevant Work/Volunteer Experience

Please list your most relevant work or volunteer experiences as they relate to the type of volunteer assignment(s) you are seeking.


Please provide complete contact information (email address and/or mailing address) for 4 references who are familiar with your background and character, one of whom is not related to you.

Emergency Contacts

Please provide at least one person who we should contact in case of emergency if you are assigned as a volunteer in Ramsey County. This information will only be made available to Ramsey County staff or volunteer coordinators on an as-needed basis.

Other Information

Please use this section to provide any additional information about your schedule availability, background and interests, reasons for wanting to volunteer, etc. that you think we should know in determining your fit as a volunteer with Ramsey County.

Authorized Signature/MN Govt Data Pract Act Notice

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act requires you to be informed that the information you have been asked to provide on this form,in some cases, is considered PRIVATE Data and may be shared with Ramsey County staff, volunteer coordinators or others with a legitimate business need to access the information. You may refuse to provide any of the data requested on this form; however, refusal may result in denial of your application for volunteer assignment. The data you supply (such as demographic information) may be used in aggregate form (not identifying you individually) for reports and other statistical purposes.

By clicking the CONTINUE button and checking the "I agree" box,
* I have read the application instructions and Minnesota Government Data Practices Act information related to data privacy.
* I certify that the information provided on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.
* I also understand that I may be required to pass a background check process as part of this application.
* I authorize Ramsey County to contact the references I provided on this form as well as previous employers and educational institutions to verify the information I have listed and release Ramsey County from any claims related to contacting these references.
* I understand that if I am under age 18 that I have approval from my parent/guardian to accept this volunteer assignment.
* I understand that Ramsey County will determine whether my interests, background, skills and availability match its volunteer needs and that this application does not guarantee a volunteer assignment or preference in connection with any application for paid employment I may later submit to Ramsey County.
* I understand that, if accepted, I may be required to attend a volunteer orientation session or complete a training program prior to beginning a volunteer assignment.

By checking this box, (in lieu of Authorized Signature) I acknowledge this application for volunteer assignment has been carefully read and understood, and I accept the agreements herein.