Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the library. Adult Volunteers must be at least 19 years old. Please provide the following information.

Library Experience

The Library's Core values include respect for all individuals, belief in intellectual freedom, and respect for privacy and confidentiality. As a Library volunteer you will help us fulfill these values. Please share what a library means to you or how access to a library has helped you.

General Information

A Volunteer record will be created with the information that you provide below. You will have access to this record online through VicNet after training. Your record will track your schedule and service hours. Any changes to your contact information can be made by you.

Contact Information

Email is the best method to communicate through the online system. We need to keep each other informed and email seems to work best. We will not send you any email you prefer not to receive.

Volunteer Openings

Library Greeter to welcome visitors in the vestibule or in front of the building

Continuous Sale Clerk to restock the sale area

Class Assistant to help staff at a Library program and event

Technology Desk Volunteer to help keep the computer area clean and organized

Creative Studio Volunteer to help keep The Creative Studio and Studio A clean and organized and help prep program materials

Publicity Volunteer to help create online calendar events and hang posters within the library. Must be computer proficient.

Library Rules and Assignment Procedures

As a Volunteer I agree to adhere to the Library's core values, rules and procedures as well as those specific to my assignment. Adult volunteers are required to complete a background check.