Mandatory Community Service Program (MCS)
Thank you for your interest in completing your required service hours with Clothes Less Traveled (CLT). Your support is appreciated. Our goal is to provide a structured and rewarding volunteer experience that will motivate you to continue serving long past the fulfillment of your required hours! Our program requires the ability to utilize the online Volunteer Information Portal (VIP) to schedule volunteer shifts.


APPROVED COURT SYSTEMS: CLT can only accept volunteers from the Fayette or Coweta County Court Systems.

AGE: The minimum volunteer age is 16. CLT does not provide service hours for the CHINS program.

AVAILABILITY: Volunteers must be available to serve a minimum of 1 shift per week.

CRIMINAL CHARGES: The following criminal charges are not accepted: felony-level charges, probation violations, any charges related to theft, violent offenses (including battery), and any offense that involves sexual contact or harassment.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are volunteering to help pay fines or volunteering for pre-court hours (ex: your lawyer recommended you go ahead and volunteer), you will still need to submit the criminal violation (traffic ticket, etc.) and participate in the court-mandated program.

STEP 2) COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THE ONLINE CLT APPLICATION. You can access the application form below. Please note, all fields must be completed for the application to be processed.

Required Paperwork:

1) Court-issued paperwork listing your specific criminal charge. A signed statement from your attorney, listing the specific charge can be accepted if court paperwork has not been issued.

2) Paper time sheet issued by your court system. If a timesheet has not been issued, we do recommend creating and bringing your own paper timesheet. Be sure to have your timesheet signed at the end of each shift.

STEP 4) REGISTER FOR SERVICE SHIFTS. Volunteer shifts are listed below, and the time frames listed are required. Please be sure you can volunteer for the entire shift and arrive on time. Volunteers who cannot arrive on time or complete the shift in full will be released from the program. Volunteers can register for multiple shifts on the same day.

How to register for service shifts:

Volunteers use the online Volunteer Information Portal (VIP) to schedule shifts. 

How online VIP works:

STEP 1) Access the VIP Portal via the CLT website/Volunteer page or use the direct link below:

STEP 2: Enter your email (be sure it is the same email you submitted with your online application) and then click Need A Password.

STEP 3: You will receive an email to set up your password.

STEP 4: Log in to the VIP link with your email and the password you created. This will be your permanent login.

STEP 5: Log in and click the Sign-Up button. A calendar will appear. Click the date you would like to volunteer. A list of service options will appear. Click the “Mandated Community Service” option to register for your shifts.

*As needed: Check out the top toolbar sections to view/revise your contact info, current volunteer schedule or print service hours.

Please Review Program Requirements:

Volunteers assist with general housekeeping, donation processing, and loading/unloading. The ability to stand for an entire volunteer shift, climb stairs and lift up to 30 lbs is required. Cell phone and headphone use are not allowed while serving your volunteer time.

All volunteers are required to view the entire "CLT Safe Lifting" video. The video can be accessed online via YouTube: Be sure to watch the video prior to ORIENTATION.

If you can agree to the expectations outlined above, please continue and fill out the application form below. Thank you for supporting our mission!

Contact Information

Demographic Information

Required Service Hours Details

Emergency Contact

In the event of an emergency whom should we notify?

Waiver and General Guidelines

General Volunteer Waiver:

I understand that submitting this application form does not automatically register me as a Clothes Less Traveled volunteer. There may be certain qualifications I must meet before I may begin volunteering.

I hereby release the Clothes Less Traveled, its agents, and its representatives from any liability and responsibility that may arise in connection with my volunteer duties. I also hereby consent for the Clothes Less Traveled to use my name, likeness or program participation for public relations purposes. I understand that I will not receive compensation for any such use.

By submitting this form, I attest that the information I have provided on the form is true and accurate.

Volunteer Guidelines:

During your volunteer hours at Clothes Less Traveled, you are a representative of our store and of our mission. It is important to remember to be respectful to all staff, volunteers, customers and donors. A report of insubordinate, rude, argumentative or inappropriate behavior toward staff, other volunteers, visitors or customers will not be tolerated. Physical or verbal attacks will result in immediate discharge. Family and friends may not meet or accompany you while you are performing your service. Clothes Less Traveled reserves the right to terminate a volunteer’s service for any reason without a warning or explanation.

Volunteer Benefits:

While, we are grateful for all volunteers and their gift of time, court mandated volunteers are not eligible for volunteer store discounts or special volunteer promotions.

Work Ethic

Our expectation is that you are actively working during your shift. Our program is fast paced and requires volunteers to remain standing for the majority of the service shift. No cell phone use will be permitted unless on the scheduled break or in the case of emergency.

Dress Code

All volunteers are expected to be dressed in clean and appropriate clothing and wear comfortable shoes. No flip-flops or heels will be allowed. Revealing clothing, short skirts or shorts, ripped clothing or low-cut shirts are not permitted.

Clocking in and out

Use the designated kiosk computer to clock in and out. Hours not recorded on the computer will not be validated or appear on an official report from Clothes Less Traveled. Clocking in and out on the computer should be used in conjunction with your own court issued time sheet. Court issued time sheets must be signed at the end of every shift by the staff member you are working with. 

Shift Assignment

Upon arrival clock in and get a new volunteer name tag. All staff and volunteers must wear name tags during work shifts. Remain at the check in area until you have received an assignment from a manager. If no manager is present, ask a cashier to page a manager. Volunteers will remain in the designated work area unless reassigned by a staff member.


Volunteers must schedule breaks with a staff member. Check in with a staff member before leaving for a break and upon return to work area. A 30-minute break is allowed for lunch when working five hours or more without clocking out. Volunteers must remain in the building. All breaks must be arranged with the staff member supervising you.

Time sheet and Reports

It is your responsibility to have your time sheet signed at the end of every shift by the staff member who you are working with. If you do not sign in or out, no hours will be recorded in our system and we will not be able to provide a printout of your hours. A three-day notice is required for a printout. Requests made for the same day report may not be available. Please Note: All paper time sheets required by the court system must be signed the day of service. Time sheets can not be backdated. The CLT database offers limited storage, please be aware that service records will be deleted upon completion of your hours.

My agreement signifies that I have read and understand all the information above and I agree to comply with all the rules of conduct. I understand that failure to comply with these rules may result in immediate termination of volunteer services and may exclude future volunteer opportunities at Clothes Less Traveled.