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Please list the names and contact information for two references who are NOT relatives or family members.

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As a Vincentian volunteers, we agree to:
-Uphold the values of spirituality, compassion, dignity, quality, stewardship, advocacy, collaboration, and innovation.
-Commit to the Vincentian mission to nurture and sustain a ministry of compassionate care.
-Promote and support an environment that treats others with kindness, respect and dignity.
-Maintain high standards of confidentiality.
-Ensure resident/client health and safety by complying with safety guidelines and program standards.
-Be prompt and dependable.
-Demonstrate good decision-making skills.
-Complete required training and development programs.
-Accept supervision, instruction and feedback in a positive manner.
-Complete an interview and screening processes to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents/clients.

I understand that in connection with my volunteer application, referencing and background checks will be conducted to assess our Group/Organization's ability to serve the mission of Vincentian. On behalf of our Group/Organization, I freely give my consent for Vincentian to do so. If we have members under 18 years of age, I understand that we are responsible to have parent/guardian permission to participate, emergency contact information, and parent/guardian agrees to the terms of referencing.

Please check "I Agree" below if you agree to these conditions.