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PLEASE NOTE: Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the Wellspan Health Volunteer Program. Your application will be reviewed and if initial qualifications are met, you will be contacted (via email or phone) to schedule an Orientation session. Once you have attended Orientation, an interview will be conducted to determine placement as well as a Health Screening and additional training (if needed).

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Due to the on-boarding and training requirements, WellSpan asks new Volunteers to commit to a minimum of 100 hours of service, completed within a twelve-month period. 

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WellSpan requires all Volunteers to obtain specific clearances.  Please answer the following question related to felony or misdemeanor convictions.  

NOTE:  A conviction record does not necessarily prevent you from volunteering for Wellspan.


Please provide us with names and email addresses of two (2) personal references who can comment on your ability to serve as a volunteer. All references will be contacted.

References cannot be relatives and must have known you for at least one(1) year.

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I hereby certify that all statements and answers set forth on the application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if any statements and/or answers are found false or information has been omitted, such false statements or omissions may be cause for rejection or termination of my volunteer application or service. I understand that in processing my application with WellSpan Health Volunteer Engagement, an investigative report will be conducted to obtain and verify information relating to my past activities and background. Information may include, but is not limited to: criminal records, child abuse clearances and any data provided on this application or during the interview process. I permit the Volunteer Engagement department to use my name, photograph or video as a volunteer for publicity purposes when necessary.
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