Hello! Thank you for your interest in volunteering for programs and events taking place at the Aspen Institute in Aspen, Colorado. Volunteers play an integral role in the success of an array of Aspen Institute programs and events each summer. We appreciate the unique values and skills that each volunteer brings to the Institute and are grateful for all of the time and effort they put in. Here's a bit more information on our volunteer requirements and selection process:

1. Volunteer Requirements

- Volunteers must be full- or part-time residents of the Roaring Fork Valley (defined as Aspen to Rifle).

- Volunteers must have a valid email address to submit an application and to maintain correspondence.

2. Selection Process

While there are no guaranteed spots in the volunteer process, we do our best to involve as many members of the community as we can. We choose and schedule our volunteers based on the following criteria:

- Whether the individual has volunteered in the recent past

- Past performance as a volunteer

- Timeliness of application

To confirm your interest, please complete this application form and click the submit button at the bottom. If you have any questions about the volunteer program or the Aspen Institute, please contact Dulcy Kenner by email, dulcy.kenner@aspeninstitute.org, or by phone, 970-544-7977.

Once we've received your information, we will be in touch to discuss any volunteer opportunities with you in more detail. Please note: if you have already completed this application, we have your information on file and will reach out to you directly regarding upcoming opportunities. Thanks again for your interest!

Contact Information

Background Information

Please let us know if you are a resident of the Roaring Fork Valley, your age and whether or not you have volunteered for the Aspen Institute in the past. (Note: if you are under the age of 18, we will follow up with you to have a parent/guardian provide written consent.)

Employment Status

Please indicate your employment status and, if applicable, provide information on your employer.

Limitations & Special Requests

Do you have any limitations (i.e. no heavy lifting) and/or special requests that we should know about?

Program Preferences

While specifics vary from event to event, the following programs and events utilize volunteers in a variety of roles.

The Aspen Ideas Festival (Annual, June/July):
The Aspen Ideas Festival is a 10-day program of events with over 3000 attendees and 350+ speakers. The Festival is by far the largest public program that takes place on the Institute campus and one that seeks a large number of volunteers to support an array of roles and responsibilities.

Community Programs (July/August):
The affordable and inspiring events offered by Aspen Community Programs attract a cross-section of community members, from high school students and year-round residents to part-time residents and visitors. Programs include The Hurst Lectures and Student Seminars, McCloskey Speaker Series, New Views Documentaries, Great Books and Great Decisions Discussion Series, Teen Socrates, Athens to Aspen, and Fireside Chats. Community Programs utilizes volunteers year round.

Please select the program(s)/event(s) you are interested in donating your time to:

Terms & Conditions

I understand and agree that submitting this application form does not automatically register me as an Aspen Institute volunteer, and that there may be certain qualifications I must meet. By clicking "I agree," I certify that I will work for the Aspen Institute as an unpaid volunteer under the guidelines of the Institute. The Aspen Institute is a drug-free zone.