We welcome your volunteer application.

Please furnish us with complete information to assist us in giving you full consideration. The information you supply on this volunteer application will be used to assess your qualifications for volunteer positions. You are not legally required to provide the information, but we will not be able to consider your application without it. The information is requested to distinguish you from other applicants; to identify you in our volunteer files; to match you with an appropriate volunteer opportunity; and to contact you for volunteer interviews.

The following information on this application will be considered private data on individuals pursuant to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act: your name, birth date, home address, home phone number and drivers license number. If you are considered eligible for a volunteer vacancy, your name will become public data. If you are placed as a volunteer with the City of Bloomington, all information you supply on this application will become public except your home street address, home phone number and your driver's license number.

Personal Information

Emergency Contacts

Areas of Interest

Please indicate program(s) and session(s) of interest. You may apply for multiple.


Education/Employment/Volunteer Experience

Please list pertinent experience, specialized training, skills, certifications and extra-curricular activities.

Volunteer Questions

Please describe your previous leadership experience with children. For example, babysitting, tutoring, camp/playground experience.


Please share areas of interest (outdoor skills, camping, arts and crafts, athletics, music, etc.).


Why are you interested in being a volunteer?


What would make you a good volunteer?


If you are applying to be a Summer Adventure Playground Volunteer, what location or locations would you like to volunteer at? (Brye, Kelly, Poplar Bridge, Running, Smith, Sunrise and Westood Parks)


The City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Division is committed to providing reasonable accommodations and accessibility for all residents. Please let us know if you have any specific needs for participation. A staff person will contact you to discuss further.

I am interested in volunteering my services to the City of Bloomington. If I do volunteer, I understand that I will not be an employee of the City of Bloomington and am not guaranteed future employment. I certify that all the information I have provided on this application is correct. I give permission for Parks and Recreation to contact the references provided.

I understand that City staff may take video or photos of City sponsored activities. By signing this application I waive any objection to the City using my image in its promotional materials. If I wish to object to the use of my image, then I will make my request known to the Parks and Recreation Division in writing.

If under 18, parent/guardian must check "I agree".