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Position Description


Position Title: White Flag Shelter Attendant – On Call

Work Location: Raleigh, NC

Organizational Description & Position Overview

Raleigh Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness (Partnership) is the Wake County Continuum of Care and collaborative leader of coordinated community efforts to end homelessness in Wake County. Working in partnership with all local non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, and individuals the Partnership coordinates the centralized Coordinated Access System and local HMIS administration with the goal of ending homelessness as we know it.

The White Flag Shelter Attendant assists with managing the operations of Wake County Emergency White Flag Shelters when weather conditions are severe enough to cause physical harm to people experiencing homeless who have no place to shelter during the weather event. The White Flag Shelter Attendant works collaboratively with Wake County Government and the Wake County Homelessness Continuum of Care Partners to provide a safe environment for people during severe weather events. The White Flag Shelter Attendant assists with admitting people into the shelter, completing HMIS intake documentation, providing resources for people staying at the shelter and assists in the set-up, break down and maintenance of sleeping facilities when temporary shelters require assembly/disassembly.

Essential Job Functions

  • Assists with the management of an effective shelter environment

  • Completes intakes on Shelter residents

  • Monitors and attends to shelter residents’ needs

  • Coordinates orientation of shelter residents to the shelter

  • Is readily available for crisis management, conflict resolution, and assists with problem solving

  • Intervenes appropriately to optimize smooth shelter operations and flow

  • Able to interpret policies and procedures accurately

  • Identifies barriers to effective/timely discharge

  • Manages complaints and/or grievances

  • Provides effective communication, information sharing, collaboration and teamwork

  • Keeps Director informed of issues and problems

  • Demonstrates effective problem-solving skills and customer service skills

  • Accommodates unexpected needs of patients, families, and staff with flexibility

  • Immediately reports any unsafe situation or practice

  • Takes initiative to resolve unsafe situations when appropriate, reports errors and near misses

  • Welcomes and acknowledges every customer in a friendly and professional manner, introducing oneself
    when meeting individuals for the first time

  • Anticipates and clarifies needs of others, follows through, asks how s/he can be of assistance and shares
    reason/status of delays

  • Keeps people safe at all times

  • Respects and maintains privacy and confidentiality of everyone

  • Works as a team member and communicates clearly with everyone

  • Actively listens and responds with empathy

  • Recognizes and is sensitive to cultural differences

  • Shows pride in appearance, behavior, performance and work environment

  • Supports a culture of inclusion

  • Refrains from personal phone calls and conversations in front of shelter residents

Position Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills, Education, & Experience
    Description Minimum Preferred / Desired Experience

  • Two years of experience in a setting working with people experiencing homelessness

  • Familiarity with HMIS

  • Reliable means of transportation required.

  • Valid and current state issued ID required. 

Education / Training

  • High School diploma or equivalent required

  • Basic computer / data entry skills
    Special Skills

  • Strong communication skills, Excellent prioritization and problem solving skills.

  • Understanding of the experiences and needs of members of the homeless population.

  • Excellent customer service skills

WORK ENVIRONMENT Functional Demands:

  • Sedentary to light energy

  • level Lift 10 lbs. box overhead. Lift and carry 15 lbs. Push/pull 20 lbs. Cart.

Activity Level Throughout Workday
Physical Activity Requirements:

  • Sitting

  • Standing

  • Walking

  • Climbing (e.g., stairs)

  • Lifting - Floor to waist level 10 lbs. Lifting - Waist level and above 10 lbs.

  • Carry objects 

  • Push/Pull

  • Twisting, Bending, Reaching forward, Reaching overhead

  • Squat/kneel/crawl, Wrist position deviation, Pinching/fine motor activities

  • Keyboard use/repetitive motion

  • Talk or Hear

Environment Requirements:

  • Works during severe weather events (extreme heat or cold, storms, etc.)

  • Practices appropriate hand hygiene, physical (social) distancing, and embraces a culture of Safety

Occupational Exposure Risk Potential: Not Anticipated

Usual workday hours:

  • 8 to 10 hours per shift

  • On-Call: Must be available to work should weather conditions indicate harsh (inclement) or extreme circumstances resulting in the declaration of a Wake County “White Flag” event.
    Inclement Weather: Harsh weather that is wet, hot, and cold where temperatures may reach 35 degrees Fahrenheit or below, windchill at or below 35 degrees Fahrenheit and heat index 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Compensation    $15.00 / hour.

This position is a grant-funded, temporary position, with employment term expected to end April 1, 2022. Employment is on a “on-call” basis. Employees therefore must be available to work should weather conditions indicate harsh (inclement) or extreme circumstances resulting in the declaration of a Wake County “White Flag” event.