There are many ways for patients and family members to be involved. At Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, we value equal partnership with our Patients, their Family members, and Caregivers, as we endeavor to improve the patient experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Open to current patients, their family members, and caregivers, Patient Family Partners (PFPs) can volunteer in-person, virtually, and on their own time.

Some examples of some PFP roles:

  • Interviews or questionnaires — Participate in a one-time phone interview or fill out a questionnaire about your health care experience.
  • Online reviewer of materials — Review patient/family educational or marketing/communication materials for readability, simplicity and understandability. Emails come intermittently.
  • Monthly listening sessions — Open to all PFPs to collaborate and share experiences by joining remotely (via the phone or computer) so that you can hear about what other volunteers in our community are doing; share your own emerging patient experience concerns/solutions; learn about current improvement efforts.
  • Family faculty/speaker — Individuals provide presentations through stories about their lives, both inside and outside the hospital. They share strategies for collaboration and teach partnership practices through real life experiences from a patient and family perspective.
  • Peer partner — Peer Partners provide patients with a connection to another person who has undergone a similar experience.
  • Focus group or panel member — Individuals participate in a one-time meeting sharing their story, providing feedback, suggestions or solutions on a particular topic.
  • Committee or guiding team member — Come share your patient or family perspectives on a variety of committees or guiding teams that plan services throughout Virginia Mason Franciscan Health. Examples are: safety, quality or guiding teams planning Kaizen improvement work within a specialty area.

Contact Information

Employment History

What is your current employment status?

Demographic Information

Please note that all volunteers are required to be 16 years of age or older.

Emergency Contact

Work/Volunteer Experience at VMFH:

Including: St. Anne Hospital, St. Anthony Hospital, St. Clare Hospital, St. Elizabeth Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, St. Joseph Medical Center, St. Michael Medical Center & Virginia Mason Medical Center.

Services Received

Within the last three years, what care services have you or your family member used?

Care Provided At

At which location have you received services?

Life Experiences

Please share about your skills, talents, hobbies and/or interests.


What strengths will you bring to this role?


What do you think may be challenging for you?

Your Objectives

What would you like to gain from this experience?

Other Considerations

Are there any other considerations that may influence your volunteer placement?

Email Communication Agreement

I agree that Virginia Mason Franciscan Health may use email to communicate with me regarding my volunteer service. I understand that email is not a secure medium for sending and receiving potentially sensitive personal healthcare information. Virginia Mason Franciscan Health cannot assure the confidentiality or protection of email communications, particularly if the emails are sent to multiple individuals participating in volunteer services. In addition, email sent to Virginia Mason Franciscan Health may be accessed by individuals who are not directly involved in Volunteer Services (for example: by my employer if my email address is provided, by my internet service provider).