Much of what we do at Lollypop Farm depends on the help of volunteers. Humane Education programs at Lollypop Farm aim to reach and educate people of all ages in the Greater Rochester community. Our dedicated volunteers are at the forefront of teaching the public, shaping attitudes, and forming the differences makers of tomorrow.

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Our management team is reviewing your qualifications and will contact you if there is a match with our current open volunteer positions. We appreciate your interest in Lollypop Farm and wish you the best of luck in your volunteer  job search.

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I agree to give a minimum of 2 hours a week for a minimum of one year. I will notify the staff member in my area in case of necessary absence or shift change. I will notify the volunteer manager of my intent to discontinue this time commitment if that become necessary.

I confirm that the information on this application is correct. I understand the commitment involved and acknowledge that my services are offered at my own risk. I agree to adhere to Lollypop Farm policies and carry out my duties as a Humane Society Volunteer effectively.

Lollypop Farm recommends that all volunteers be current on their tetanus vaccination. There is no coverage or payment to volunteers for injuries/illnesses that happen related to your volunteer position.

Confidentiality: You information will not be shared, except in the case of another staff member or volunteer wishing to reach you for a work related purpose. All volunteers are expected to maintain confidentiality of any personal information of members, customers, staff or volunteers which they encounter in the course of their work here.