Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a judge for the 2021 Virtual Florida TSA State Conference. The decision was made to hold ONLY a virtual state conference in 2021. This means there will not be any in person events at DoubleTree Universal Orlando. All events that we offer will be held virtually in accordance with the Virtual Events guide published by National TSA. All judging will require judges to have a personal computer, internet connection and adequate prior knowledge of event being judged.

Please email further questions or inquiries to:

Theresa Bobola

Thank you.


Please indicate the days and times you are available to judge.

Name and address

Demographic Information

School or Place of Employment. If you are associated with a school, please indicate if you are associated with MS or HS.

Assignment Options

Which event are you MOST interested in judging?

Please note, you cannot judge an event that your student or school is competing in. HS teachers and parents may volunteer ONLY for MS events and MS teachers and parents may volunteer ONLY for HS events.

**Events NOT being held this year at States**

3D Animation, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Drone, Dragster, MS Electrical Applications, Flight, Structural Design, System Control, Technology Problem Solving, HS VEX VRC + MS VEX IQ.

I understand that to protect the integrity of this event, I may not judge events where there may be a conflict of interest with a participant.