Thank you for your interest in joining us! Adventist Health is a wonderful place to serve, and volunteers are valued members of our family.

The first step toward becoming an Adventist Health volunteer in the Central Valley is to complete this application form. Once you complete the form, please click the Submit button at the bottom.

Our goal is to contact you by email to schedule an interview with you. If you don't receive an email, or if you don't have an email account, please call our office at 559-537-2740. We're happy to help!

Name and address


Please indicate the days and times you would be available to volunteer.

Mission and Values

Our Mission: Living God's love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope

Our Values: Compassion, respect, integrity and excellence

To ensure that our longstanding tradition of Christian care continues, we are looking for a special type of volunteers - those who share our commitment to mission and consistently demonstrate professionalism, creativity, dedication and compassion.

As a system, we have been able to attract exceptional volunteers by ensuring a safe and pleasant service environment, recognizing individual contributions and providing direct access to leaders and growth opportunities.

Our mission is central to our work. We look forward to discussing it further with you during your interview.

Community / Area of Service

If you know the community or area of service in which you are interested, please list it here.
Communities include Hanford, Reedley and Selma.
Areas of service include hospitals, Hospice, Caring Paws, Emergency Department, Surgery Department, gift shop, maternity, clinics, and dental, among others.


Please let us know of any languages you speak or write in addition to English.

Why would you like to volunteer?

Please give us a brief explanation of why you want to volunteer with Adventist Health.

Demographic Information

You may optionally provide the following information. It is used only to help us get a better idea of the demographic make-up of our volunteers.


Please provide three references, personal or professional.

Emergency Contact

Please indicate the person you would like to have contacted in the case of an emergency.

Clearance Requirements

If you are 18 years of age or older, an acknowledgement and authorization for background check will be presented to you at your interview. If you are 14-17 years of age, a minor consent form will be issued to you during the interview process requiring a parental or guardian's signature.

Thank you for applying!

You will be contacted and offered an interview by email. If you have further questions, please contact Volunteer Services at (559) 537-2740 or

IMPORTANT - Read before submitting

I hereby certify that the facts set forth in this document are true and complete, and I authorize all persons and institutions, including my previous employers and the schools that I attended, to provide the Organization with any information that it requests in connection with this application. I hereby release all of these persons and institutions and the Organization from any and all liablity for any damages arising from this investigation. I understand that, if accepted, false statements on this application or omissions of material information may result in my termination. If accepted, I agree to abide by all Organization rules and regulations as they are now or may exist.
I understand that my volunteering is contigent upon my completion of a pre-volunteering health screening, which may include drug testing.
I understand and agree that, if approved, either the Organization or I will be free to terminate the volunteer relationship at any time, without cause. I understand and agree that this policy shall constitute the entire agreement between the Organization and me on the subject of the length of my volunteering, and the circumstances under which it may be terminated, and that there are not oral or collateral agreements pertaining to these issues.
In the event that I am dissatisfied or disagree with any action or failure to act by the Organization, its employees, agents or representatives, I agree to submit the matter to the Organizations's grievance and arbitration procedure, which is outlined in the Employee Handbook, for final and binding resolution and will not initiate a law suit, thereby waiving any right I might have to a jury trial.
In the case of injury or illness during volunteer service, I give permission to the hospital to administer emergency care, and I understand that treatment costs will be covered by my personal health insurance.
I agree to hold as confidential all information I may obtain concerning patients, physicians, or staff.
I will adhere to the dress code as specified by the Department of Volunteer Services.
If it becomes necessary to terminate my volunteer service, I will notify the Department as soon as possible and return my uniform and badge.