Thanks for your interest in volunteering at PDSW. Please fill out this interest form. Your details will then be automatically registered into our volunteering system where we will then be able to view them. At an appropriate point, we'll be in contact with you if we are able to proceed and to arrange a training session for you.


Matthew Vass-White

Venue Manager

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Agreement to volunteering

Volunteers are an important and valued part of Pavilion Dance South West. We hope that you enjoy volunteering with us and feel a full part of our team. 

This agreement tells you what you can expect from us, and what we hope from you. We aim to be flexible, so please let us know if you would like to make any changes and we will do our best to accommodate them. 

We, Pavilion Dance South West, will do our best: 

• to introduce you to how the organisation works and your role in it and to provide any training you need.

• to provide regular meetings with a main point of contact so that you can tell us if you are happy with how your tasks are organised and get feedback from us.

• to respect your skills, dignity and individual wishes and to do our best to meet them. 

• to cover your travel/lunch costs with an up to £15 per day allowance if you should be working with us for a full day (for example on a special project / festival as opposed to an occasional evening).

• to consult with you and keep you informed of possible changes. 

• to insure you against injury you suffer or cause due to negligence. 

• to provide a safe workplace. 

• to apply our equal opportunities policy. 

• to apply our complaints procedure if there is any problem. 

In exchange, as a volunteer, you will agreed 

• to work reliably to the best of your ability, and to give as much warning as possible whenever you cannot work when expected.

• to follow Pavilion Dance South West’s rules and procedures, including health and safety, equal opportunities and confidentiality. 

More details on these issues are provided in the volunteer handbook. 

Note: this agreement is in honour only and is not intended to be a legally binding contract of employment.