Interpreter ~ Spanish
Location: Rehabilitation Services Dept.
Vocational Rehabilitation
Duties: Job Summary: An interpreter is needed for Spanish speaking clients that will be getting mobility training in Queens, New York. The volunteer will need to meet the instructor and client at their home and work with the client in their neighborhood. The volunteer will need to be able to work outside and walk 5 to 10 blocks and travel on stairs and on public transportation while interpreting. An exact translation (word for word) is needed to ensure that the safety techniques are being presented exactly as the instructor presents them.

Principle duties and responsibilities:
Under the direction of the Orientation and Mobility Instructor:
1. Interpret word for word for the mobility instructor
2. Stand and move with the client in such a manner as to facility the clients understanding of the instructor’s directions.
3. Work outside and walk 5 to 10 blocks on foot.
4. Travel on stairs and public transportation.
Qualifications: Qualifications:
1. Must be fluent in English and Spanish.
2. Must be able to physically walk and interpret in outdoor environments and on public transportation
3. Able to move up and down stairs and on/off buses and subways with ease.
4. Able to follow HIPAA guidelines regarding private information.
5. Must be available to do translation during business hours.
6. Excellent verbal communication skills, as well as customer service skills required.
7. Must be comfortable communicating with people who are visually impaired, elders and/or developmentally disabled.
8. Must be willing to work outdoors in different weather conditions.
9. Must be mature, reliable, courteous, have good judgment and be professional.
Directions: Opportunity Directions:

The start date will be established when the ideal candidate is identified. Lessons usually last between 1 and 2 hours and are scheduled once a week. The number of weeks depends on the amount of training that the client needs. An interview is required before service. Please include the hours you are available to serve and information about your experience as an interpreter. Direct all questions to the Volunteer Resources Department, by email or by phone (646) 874-8688.

Travel Directions:

The opportunity will take place in Corona and/or Jackson Heights Queens, New York. Exact location will be provided upon approval.
Address: 250 West 64th Street
New York, 10023
Work:(646) 874-8688