Reader - Weekly 64th Street ( Onsite)
Location: Print Access Center/Reading Services
Reading Services On-Site

Lighthouse Guild International provides many services for the visually impaired including reading services. For volunteers who want to read but prefer not going to a client’s home or meeting in the community, we offer ONSITE Volunteer Reader opportunities. Onsite sessions can be 1 time reading sessions where you help out a client in need of immediate assistance while we look for a Full Time Reader or it can be a Regularly scheduled meeting for Reading Pairs.

All ON-CALL and ONSITE reading sessions happen at the Lighthouse Guild at 250 West 64th Street & West End Avenue. The Lighthouse Guild follows strict city and CDC Covid-19 protocols which include temperature check, masking requirements for vaccinated staff/volunteers and vaccinated/unvaccinated clients; along with sanitized reading rooms. Lighthouse Guild will provide face guards and other PPE if needed. More information on our Covid-19 protocols are available upon request.


Job Summary: Volunteers will read the materials provided by the clients.  In addition to reading, volunteers may be asked to complete forms, conduct internet searches, and otherwise support a client’s personal reading needs.


Position Responsibilities:

• Read materials provided by the client.
 • Assist client as needed by completing forms and/or conduct internet searches, etc.  

• High School to College level reader required.
 • Ethical character, trustworthy and reliable.
 • Strong reading voice.
 • Able to read for an extended period of time.
 • Strong commitment to service required.

Some positions may involve assistance with simple tasks that support the reading function.

(Note: Some proficiency with internet use and or smart devices needed)






Friday Afternoons

2:00pm – 4:00pm


Volunteer must be competent using computer.  

Volunteer Reader will assist with:

·         Reading mail and other materials provided by client

·         Comfortable using the computer to conduct internet reading and assisting client with answering emails  

·         Volunteer will be using client’s laptop for email and internet activities.



Details of the Opportunity: Please note that reading is an on-going opportunity. Volunteers must be available at minimum 2 hours once a week, for at least 6 months. All volunteers must complete the supplemental volunteer application prior to being assigned. If you are interested in this opportunity send an email with the POST# and your availability for a conference to and or call Reading Services at (646)874-8683 for a preliminary conversation about the available slots.

Address: 250 West 64th Street
New York, NY 10023-6402
Work:(646) 874-8688