Coborn Healing Center - Healing Center Concierge
Purpose: Provide a welcoming smile, information and caring support to guests visiting Coborn Healing Center, a 100% philanthropy-funded connection place for survivorship services that truly enhance our patients' lives throughout their cancer journey. The Coborn Healing Center is adjacent to Coborn Cancer Center.

Volunteering for Coborn Healing Center is a richly, rewarding experience. Serving the needs of those impacted by cancer including patients, their family and caregivers is both challenging and inspiring. Your role as a volunteer is to provide more than just your time and energy-it's also to offer support, courage, solace and joy to our patients (guests), their loved ones and our staff in your own unique way.
Responsibilities: • Create a positive impression from beginning to end. You will be the first to meet our guests, so the first impression of our center depends on your friendliness and efficiency.
• Welcome guests upon arrival and offer an encouraging farewell upon departure.
• Communicate with compassion, courtesy and respect.
• Act as the point of reference for guests who need assistance or information. Our guests look upon the concierge as a font of information. Become familiar with and share information about the classes, support groups, activities, events and services available at Coborn Healing Center.
• Actively listen and engage with others. Understand guest’s needs and provide them with personalized solutions by suggesting amenities, activities and services available at Coborn Healing Center.
• Direct guests to amenities, including Imagine (art studio), Energize (movement studio), cozy lounge area, Harvest kitchen, restrooms, and resource tablets.
• Checkout, receive, store and use designated apparatus to sanitize resource tablets.
• Serve (Offer) refreshments and engage guests in friendly conversation.
• Maintain Harvest kitchen. Prepare and display beverage and snack options such as coffee, water and freshly baked cookies for guests. Keep counters clean, replenish service ware and condiments as needed.
• Confirm appointment times, assist with kiosk check-in and announce scheduled guest arrivals to staff providing services exclusively available to our current Coborn Cancer Center patients:
o Integrative Therapy - acupuncture, acupressure, and Healing Touch
o Enhancement Program -one-on-one consultation with a licensed cosmetologist for individualized fitting of a wig, hat and accessories at no charge
•Guide guests between Coborn Cancer Center and Coborn Healing Center as needed.
• Ready rooms for upcoming events and replenish, maintain supplies between activities.

Volunteers use the computer to:
• Take payments for our self-pay acupuncture option at Coborn Healing Center
•View shared files of class/activity registrations
•View our daily schedule at Coborn Healing Center in Epic, the DAR.

• Control clutter by organizing, redistributing and putting away supplies; tidy up, sanitize and replenish materials such as art supplies, reading material and brochures.
• Arrange for guests to receive donated in-kind items such as hats, scarves, seatbelt covers and lap blankets as appropriate.
• Perform office duties such as assembling packets, exam room binders or treatment support bags when needed.
• Routinely review and contribute to the volunteer communication binder at Coborn Healing Center.
• Provide tours of Coborn Healing Center as appropriate.
• Offer to help and commit to resolving concerns.
• Relay guest feedback both positive and constructive to Alison at Coborn Cancer Center.
• Take pride in your role and if requested, help with training new volunteers.
• If time allows and needed, assist with delivering mail, organizing and sharing in-kind donations, maintaining the provider lounge.
• If needed, float and help in the Infusion Center or Pharmacy.

• Pleasant manner and excellent customer service skills
• Experience in customer service or relevant role is an advantage
• Understand people’s needs
• Proficiency in conversing verbally
• Polite and confident with a great deal of patience
• Ability in multitasking and time-management
• Aptitude in resolving concerns with a customer-focused orientation
• Being flexible and proactive, self-motivated
• Maintain confidentiality of any information about guests and operations
Address: 1900 CentraCare Circle
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Minimum age:18
Availability needed:Ongoing
Commitment: 4 Hours: Weekly
Times needed:
  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Evening (after 4pm):