Southwest Exchange Gift Shop
Duties: • To provide a friendly and pleasant atmosphere where staff, visitors and patients may shop for necessities and gifts
• To promote sales, accurately record all sales, make correct change
Qualifications: • Excellent guest relation skills
• Experience dealing with the public
• Good communication skills, a pleasant manner
• Ability to use the cash register and other technology in the gift shop, make change and figure discounts
• Maintain confidentiality of information heard while performing your duties
Directions: • Be on time for assigned day and shift. If unable to work your assigned shift, please make three attempts to obtain a substitute from the list provided. If unable to find a substitute, call the volunteer office at 632-5032.
• When talking with a customer, give them your full attention.
• Be aware of how your appearance, mannerisms and tone, and body language affect others. Greet customers with a smile and good eye contact. Display professionalism and competency. You may be their first impression of Capital Region Medical Center!
• Introduce yourself, if appropriate.
• Be willing to help others and work together with other volunteers and employees as a team.
• Familiarize yourself with the different areas of the hospital. Locate the different departments and specific waiting rooms and which elevators to instruct the visitors to use.
• Always wear volunteer vest with your name tag visible at eye level.
• Please remember CRMC is fragrance and tobacco free.
Address: 1432 Southwest Blvd.
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Contact: Cindy Pfahl