Location: Free Clinic
Duties: * The pharmacist labels prescriptions, does the final safety/quality
check and counsels the patient on any information pertaining to
the medication(s) that the patient needs to know (ie: dose,
contraindications, etc.)

* Receive the numbered basket from the Pharmacy Technician
containing; the dispensed prescriptions in appropriate
packaging, the originals copies of the prescriptions (as well as
photocopies of any that have refills), and the bulk
medication bottles for the medications dispensed.

* Verify the medication on the written prescription is the same as
the medication being dispensed and that the correct quantity is
being dispensed.

* Either the pharmacist or a technician under the pharmacists
guidance will prepare an appropriate prescription label, following
the template provided, containing the following information:

a.Patients Name
b.Visit date
c.Dosage instructions
d.Medication name / strength / quantity
e.Manufacturer’s name
f.Providers name
g.Medication expiration

* Apply the label and any auxiliary warning labels that are
applicable to the prescription bottle. Auxiliary warning labels
are located next to the large white cabinet.

* Call the patient to the window by the number on the patient’s
basket and counsel the patient on correct route of administration
as well as any other information the patient might need.

6.When pharmacist is done with the patient the basket is returned to the Pharmacy Clerk.
Qualifications: * Pharm D, RPH, and pharmacy experience required.
* Enthusiasm for helping the underserved.
* Detail-oriented and capable of focusing in a busy clinic environment.
Benefits: * Volunteers get to work collectively to assist uninsured families,
the larger community, and the Free Clinic, which would not be able
to function without the generous support of volunteers.
* Valuable health care experience and insight is gained, useful to
anyone considering a career in health care or currently working in
the field.
* A potential letter of reference, for academic and professional
applications is available to volunteers who excel.
* The satisfaction that comes with being a member of an
enthusiastic, diverse, and caring team of volunteers.
License or Certification Required:Yes
Liability Insurance Required:No
Availability preferred:5- Every other month
Volunteers serve up to: 15 hours Annually
Times needed:
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Varied Times: