Location: Free Clinic
Non-Clinical Services
Duties: Interpreters are needed during open clinic hours to assist our Spanish speaking patients.

Duties include:
* Interpreting at the front desk during patient check-in
* Patient triage and interpreting between nurses, pharmacy,
providers and patients in exam rooms
Qualifications: * Fluent in Spanish and English
* Ability to maintain patient confidentiality
* Ability to engage patients with respect and compassion
* Conscientious about interpreting exactly what the patient says,
feeling confident to ask for clarification from either the doctor
or the patient
* An understanding of, and alertness to, cultural context and how it
may influence spoken language
* Professional manners.
* Must be at least 18 years old
* Medically related vocabulary
Benefits: * The satisfaction of helping your community people who would
otherwise not receive health care
* The ability to work with health professionals you wouldn't
normally work with
Status:Position needed!
License or Certification Required:No
Liability Insurance Required:No