Finance Committee
Location: Free Clinic
Board & Sub Committees
Duties: Finance Committee 2013-2014

Roles and Responsibilities

Propose annual budgets to the Board for the forthcoming fiscal year. The budget shall be prepared by the Executive Director, in consultation with the Finance Committee. The Committee is also accountable for revisions to the current year budget and submission to the Board for approval.

Review and approve changes to the Corporation’s finance and accounting policies and procedures.

Monitor and regularly report to the Board regarding the Corporation’s financial condition and performance.

Recommend financial guidelines to the Board.

Ensure and oversee the Corporation’s annual audit, including the selection of an independent auditor, review and analysis of Corporation’s financial statements and management letter.

Make recommendations to the Board on gift acceptance issues, including the review, screening and recommendation regarding acceptance of unusual gifts or any gifts with restrictions.

Oversee the investing of the organization’s funds, including endowment funds.

Phil Baker
Bill Gray
William Lockwood
Bruce Paris
Karey Schoenfeld

Staff: Barbe West

Meeting Schedule
Third Thursday of each month 11:30-1:00 p.m.
License or Certification Required:No
Liability Insurance Required:No