Medical Advisory Committee
Location: Free Clinic
Board & Sub Committees
Duties: Medical Advisory Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

Oversee new Medical Clinic area program development/incubation; review, recommend program policies, procedures and implementations to Executive Director and Board of Directors.

Monitor and assess existing Medical Clinic programs.

Facilitate discussions about program priorities for the Medical Clinic.

Act as sounding board for Medical Clinic issues, improvements, and concerns.

Identify potential funding sources for the medical program.

Susan Davis, M.D. Chair
Gerry Bader, M.D., The Vancouver Clinic
Jeff Clark, PA-C
Steve Ebert, M.D., Kaiser Permanente
Jeff Fries, O.D. Vancouver Eye Care
Sandy Laintz, RN
Mike Strickland, RPh., Fred Meyer
Sally Williams, M.D., The Vancouver Clinic

Staff: Praneeti Parjan

Meeting Schedule
Meets third Wednesday of every other month from 7:00 – 8:30a.m.

2010-2011 Goals

Successfully implement a transitional diabetes clinic.
Perform a needs assessment to determine whether an “in-house” Procedure Clinic is feasible.
Utilize Committee membership to understand the need for a clinic risk and compliance assessment.
Develop quality of care indicators to collect data in an effort to provide better care.
Qualifications: Medical Advisory Committee
Every other 3rd Wednesday of month; 7:00-8:30 a.m.
Free Clinic, Back Office Area
Staff person: Praneeti Parjan 313-1395
License or Certification Required:No
Liability Insurance Required:No