Executive Committee
Location: Free Clinic
Board & Sub Committees
Duties: Executive Committee 2013-2014

Roles and Responsibilities

Represent and act for the Board between meetings and to report such actions to the Board.

Act as an advisory group on matters of policy and procedure and to make recommendations on policy matters, as appropriate, to the Board.

Review annually committee structure, membership, roles and responsibilities and annual objectives.

Ensure that all committees are carrying out strategic plan and annual goals and make regular and timely reports to the Board regarding their activities.

Oversee hiring process of Executive Director.

Appoint and conduct annual performance reviews of the Executive Director.

Review the performance and set the compensation of the Executive Director at least annually.

Review and recommend personnel policies and provide direction on personnel practices and changing legal requirements related to personnel.

Ron Bertolucci, Past Board President
Todd Horenstein, Board President
Alan Melnick, MD, MPH
Steve Mosier, Board Vice President
Tricia Roscoe
Mike Strickland, RPh, Board Secretary

Staff: Barbe West

Meeting Schedule
Meets second Monday of each month from 5:00-6:30 p.m.
License or Certification Required:No
Liability Insurance Required:No