Animal Assisted Therapy Hospital and Clinics
AAT teams, handler and animal, in this assignment provide opportunities for motivational, educational and/or recreational benefits; to enhance patient and visitors quality of life; and to promote the delivery of outstanding service to our patients, families, guests, and staff.
• Able to demonstrate knowledge of, and adhere to, OHSU Volunteer Services Policies & Procedures, OHSU Health Care System Animals/Pets policy (No: HC-ADM-APC-P003) and related OHSU policies and procedures, including but not limited to those regarding confidentiality, fire, chemical and infection control
• Visit potentially anxious patients, families, and visitors to provide comfort and support through fostering the animal-human connection
• Ensure patients practice hand hygiene before and after touching the animals by carrying an alcohol-based hand rub product and offering product to anyone who has contact with the animal
• When visiting inpatient care units, verify with the medical staff (nurse or physician) patients not appropriate to visit
• Provide on an annual basis updated animal health screening and vaccination records to the Healthcare Volunteer Services Department
• Report safety hazards
Qualifications: • Teams must be certified with Delta Society Pet Partner Program, or another organization that requires a temperament, skills and health evaluation.
• Communicate effectively with patients, families and staff
• Exhibit a strong work ethic, accuracy, attention to detail and organizational skills
• Must be able to understand and follow directions
• Able to work independently and as part of a team
• Able to demonstrate and maintain a positive, calm, caring and compassionate attitude (excellent customer service skills)
• Able to respect privacy and keep information about patients and staff strictly confidential
• Recognize and respect the multi-cultural needs of our patients and families; non-judgmental, accepting attitude
• Must be able to communicate clearly in English (multiple language skills are an asset)
• Must be mature, flexible, independent, responsible and take initiative
• Reliable, energetic and motivated with an interest in public service in healthcare
Patient contact:Yes
Availability needed:Ongoing