HCH/ELC Volunteer
Location: Eckerd Living Center/Highlands Cashiers Hospital
Volunteer Services


Tasks will vary depending on the Department that volunteers are assigned. If volunteers are uncertain of any duties, they need to contact the Volunteer Coordinator (526-1305) for clarification.

The following are examples of duties that our volunteers perform:

* Assist with organizing paperwork, supplies and materials

* Read to patients or help them write letters

* Assist patients with activities (i.e. bingo, art projects, puzzles)

* Deliver mail, newspapers, magazines and flowers/gifts to patients

* Deliver additional warm blankets and pillows to patients if requested

* Restock blankets into warmers as needed

* Bring patients extra water, ice, refreshments or snacks after receiving permission from the nurse

* Restock patient refreshment center as needed

* Guide hospital visitors or tour groups

* Staff waiting rooms and information areas

* Maintain neatness of waiting rooms and information areas-arrange newspapers, magazines etc.

* Listen and talk with patients, family and visitors

* Bring any issues to the attention of Registration or Front Desk employees

* Prepare coffee and maintain the coffee supplies in areas where made available

* Help family and visitors to patient areas

* Assist with directions for patients, family and visitors

* Assist with patient transport

* Assist patients and visitors in wheelchairs

* Gather wheelchairs

* Take paper and other items to recycling bins



* Ability to read, write, understand and follow instructions.

* Ability to hear and communicate effectively in person.

* Ability to work comfortably with people of varying ages facing serious health issues.

* Knowledge of hygienic, safety, and emergency protocols after training.

* Ability to attend to detail and relay only appropriate information after training.

* Ability to communicate by email preferred.

* Ability to convey directions within hospital or building after training.

* Ability to orient oneself, give and follow directions within the hospital or building after training.

* Ability to operate a wheelchair effectively and safely after training.


* Patient-First Orientation

o Behaves in a manner consistent with the understanding that our patients’ safety and well-being are our first priorities.

o Behaves in a manner consistent with the understanding that our patients’ experiences and comfort are second only to their safety and well-being.

o Behaves in a manner consistent with the understanding that fostering the well-being of team members supports patient safety, experience and comfort.

* Empathy

o Demonstrates ability to understand and read emotional cues and respond appropriately.

* Calm Disposition

o Demonstrates ability to remain calm in stressful situations.

o Demonstrates ability to instill a sense of calmness in others while in stressful situations.

* Independence

o Performs essential duties with minimal oversight.

o Demonstrates appropriate discretion when assistance may be required.

* Adaptability

o Responds and performs appropriately to varying work conditions (volume, pace, content, etc.).

o Responds appropriately to special needs and requests.

* Organization

o Ensures workspace is tidy and resources are managed appropriately.

o Anticipates likely situations and prepares accordingly.

o Pays sufficient attention to detail and surroundings.

o Attends shifts in a punctual and presentable manner.


o Sitting - Frequently

o Standing - Frequently

o Walking - Frequently

o Tolerance to some outdoor conditions - Occasionally

o Moderate lifting - <20 lbs. Occasionally

o Bending/stooping - Occasionally


* Indoor Conditions

* Moderate noise

* Low stress environment

* Seating available

* Food service available

* On-site parking available


* Volunteer Orientation/Training

* Department specific training

* Annual Education

* Training sessions and meetings as needed


By submitting this application, the volunteer agrees to access the minimum amount of protected health information needed to perform the duties described in the role description above.  

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed.  They are not intended to be construed as a complete list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of the volunteer classified in this role.  

Address: Eckerd Living Center
250 Hospital Dr.
Highlands, 28741
Work:(828) 526-1315
Web site:https://www.eckerdlivingcenter.com/
Availability needed:Ongoing
From: 06-10-2021 to 06-10-2022
Volunteers serve up to: 8 hours Daily
Times needed:
  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
From:   8:00am 8:00am 8:00am 8:00am 8:00am  
To:   4:00pm 4:00pm 4:00pm 4:00pm 4:00pm