Merchandizing Assistant
Location: Yulee - Purple Dove Resale Center
Volunteer Services
Duties: The merchandizing assistant will work under the Resale Center Coordinator to follow resale pricing guidelines for clothing, household items, furniture, and jewelry. They will assist in pricing merchandise for resale.
Qualifications: Pass a general background check, complete initial volunteer orientation paperwork, and basic domestic violence trainings. This position requires initial orientation and familiarity with the processes of the resale center. This includes donation sorting, processing and inventory. The Resale Center Coordinator determines when and if the volunteer is able to take on the responsibility of merchandizing.
Directions: Merchandizing Assistant will research market value of specific items as assigned and determine reasonable resale value. Under the guidance of the Resale Center Coordinator, they will be able to follow standards of determining item value.
Contact: Ashley Daigle
Resale Center Coordinator