Warehouse Volunteer
Location: Warehouse
Duties: The volunteer sorts and packs food items and provides all duties necessary to help maintain the VISTE warehouse. Duties may also include special projects such as bagging, goody bags, flopping bags, and packing produce.

I will be punctual and conscientious, conduct myself with dignity, courtesy and consideration of others, and endeavor to make my work professional in quality.
2. I will at all times while engaged in volunteer activities uphold the philosophy and ethical principles of VISTE.
3. I will obtain and prominently wear my name badge while volunteering.
4. I will make my best effort to fulfill my commitment to VISTE by completing all assignments that I accept.
5. I will immediately report any incidents to my supervisor.

Warehouse Volunteers Only:
1. I will enter and exit through the front door only.
2. I will wear close-toed shoes and maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times while on duty in the warehouse.
3. I will not remove products from the warehouse.
4. I will not wear headphones while on duty.
5. I will immediately report any accidents/injuries to my supervisor.
6. I understand that the Volunteer Services Department reserves the right to terminate my volunteer status as a result of:

* Failure to comply with policies, rules and regulations.
* Unsatisfactory attitude, work, or appearance.
* Any other circumstances which, in the judgment of the Volunteer Coordinator, would make my continued services as a volunteer contrary to the best interest of the organization.
Qualifications: Volunteer must be 15 years of age to work independently in the VISTE warehouse. All minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
Volunteers must attend a one-time warehouse training.
Directions: Please be sure to contact Julie McDonald at julie@viste.org for further assignment information.
Minimum age:15
Times needed:
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat