Supplemental Grocery Delivery Driver Substitute
Location: Supplemental Groceries
Duties: The volunteer contacts clients prior to delivery; pick up client roster and groceries(a “banana box” of dry goods, plus bread, meat, and whatever fresh produce and/or milk and eggs we have available) from VISTE on designated week, Saturday thru the following Friday (no Sunday delivery); deliver to individual homes; check on the client’s well-being. The substitute delivery driver will be contacted if/when a driver is needed.

I will be punctual and conscientious, conduct myself with dignity, courtesy and consideration of others, and endeavor to make my work professional in quality.
2. I will at all times while engaged in volunteer activities uphold the philosophy and ethical principles of VISTE.
3. I will obtain and prominently wear my name badge while volunteering.
4. I will make my best effort to fulfill my commitment to VISTE by completing all assignments that I accept.
5. I will immediately report any incidents to my supervisor.

* Failure to comply with policies, rules and regulations.
* Unsatisfactory attitude, work, or appearance.
* Any other circumstances which, in the judgment of the Volunteer Coordinator, would make my continued services as a volunteer contrary to the best interest of the organization.
Qualifications: The volunteer must have a valid drivers' license.

The volunteer must conduct themselves in a responsible and caring manner at all times.
Directions: Please contact Dee McCants, Supplemental Grocery Coordinator for further delivery assignment directions.