Duties: Specific Deliverables
Update label information for items to be produced by the kitchen staff.
Currently this includes broth, soups, desserts and meals.
Populate the label template with product to be produced for the
current cycle.
Insure that labels cover the required number of units for each item.
(Number of broth produced, number of soups produced, number of
vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals produced).
Print labels on label stock.
Verify correct unit counts, then verify counts again.
Distribute labels to kitchen staff.
Update and print replacement labels when production information
changes. (made by date change/ ‘use by’ date change).
Qualifications: Key Attributes and Skills
Comfortable maintaining Microsoft word documents.
Access to a computer printer.
Comfortable operating computer printers and loading various label
Excellent organizational skills and attention to details.
Appreciates the important role of the food safety label.
Sensitive to the timely production and delivery of the food safety
Willing to make updates and regenerate labels as needed.
Directions: Key Activities
Maintain an adequate supply of label stock. (1”X2 5/8”, 30 labels per
sheet) Example: Avery 5260.
Maintain template label listing.
Anticipate receipt of label requirements via email communication.
Update label template listing with required number of labels for each
item to be produced.
Verify accurate number of labels will be generated for each item
Print and verify labels accuracy.
Distribute labels to kitchen staff on required meal prep day.
Update label listing and reprint labels as required due to meal production changes