Meal Bag Packing
Duties: Overview
The Meal Packing lead is responsible for ensuring that the meals are packaged and delivered accurately. Grouping meal packets by Delivery Angel, and validating that Angels are retrieving their designated meal bags. The Lead takes responsibility for resolving delivery issues that may arise. All activities are performed at the Culinary Angels Kitchen.

Specific Deliverables
Utilizing the Meal Packet List, accurately pack meal bags with required number of meal components (meal, broth, soups, baked goods).
Package and group meal bags by Delivery Angel.
Insure Delivery Angels retrieve correct meal bags.
Ensure any meal pickups are retrieved by the appropriate contact.
Clean and sanitize the kitchen as necessary.
Ensure doors are locked and secured upon exit.
Key Activities
Print Meal Packing List for reference during meal packing.
Label each meal bag with recipient names, as outlined on the Meal Packing List.
Collaborate with Meal Packing Assistant to effectively organize the work.
Group deliveries by Delivery Angel and best geography.
Meet Delivery Angles at the Culinary Angels Kitchen for meal bag transfers.
Collect returned meal bags from Angels and store in plastic bins in the kitchen.
Sanitize and secure the kitchen upon exit.
Lock all doors upon exit.
Lead is the first point of contact for delivery issue resolution. (Angel contact for issues)
Respects the confidentiality of our recipients.
1 year term job commitment with option to renew.
Working knowledge of spreadsheets, email.
Build and stage meal bags from 1:30 – 3:00. (~1 – 1 1/2 hours).
Point of contact for meal packing, pickup window 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm.