Youth Volunteer Coordinator
Duties: Overview

A Culinary Angels Youth Volunteer Coordinator is someone who can speak to our organization’s philosophy and mission. They will represent the organization to youth groups and school advisors. This individual will be the organizations point of contact for all youth community programs, including, idea generation, planning, execution and follow up. The Youth Coordinator will work closely with CA director to qualify youth based events.

Key Activities
•Responsible for advising all youth activities for CA while incorporating youth’s interest, ideas and capabilities.
•Responsible for training youth around kitchen safety practices, including safe hygiene standards.
•Open to ideas that will educate youth about nutrition while incorporating ideas of interest campus-wide.
•Collaborates with campus advisors in building an understanding of the facilities limitations and possibilities..
•Tie CA mission, goal and philosophy to each event and educate youth who serve and how their effort supports that goal.

Key Attributes and Skills
•Clear understanding of the organizations goals.

•Is passionate about the organization and our mission.

•Ability to articulate, with feeling, these goals and purpose.

•Energetic, kid friendly and capable of implementing ideas which are within school and CA capabilities.

•Implementation of plans will be finalized through collaboration between the youth coordinator and the Culinary Angles director.

•Coordinator should feel comfortable making suggestions and working in conjunction with school teachers/advisors, and CA leadership.

•Completion of the Food Handler’s Certification Class
•1 year term job commitment with option to renew