Volunteer Coordinator
Duties: Overview
The Volunteer Coordinator manages the lifecycle of food preparation volunteers, from early engagement qualification thru end of engagement. S/he builds volunteer schedules and manages communications between activity leads and volunteers ensuring the right level of resourcing and quality of experience for the volunteers.
Specific Deliverables
Master volunteer database containing contact info and qualifying information about each volunteer.
Volunteer schedules are developed and distributed for all cook cycle assignments.
Finalized bi-weekly Volunteer schedule for Prep Day and Cook day leveraging forecasted level of effort based on Prep Day instructions and recipes
Key Activities
Update Volunteer Schedule and distribute the week before each cook cycle.
Respond to new volunteers, sending info for getting their food handler cert if working in the kitchen, forwarding driver volunteers to Delivery Coordinators.
Forward food handler certificates to the Executive Director.
On “non-cooking weeks” Send email to volunteers reminding them of the schedule and seeking additional help as needed. Keep track of who can/can’t help with: garden pick up, shopping, food prep on Monday and cooking on Tuesday. Seek additional help as needed.
Provide Shopping List to Shoppers and provide guidance as needed.
Communicate to the Chef the volunteer schedule by Sunday night so she knows who to expect for Cook Day.
Respond to emails from volunteers answering questions, scheduling etc.
Provide guidance to shoppers regarding how to shop, what to shop for, time for drop off and reimbursement process.
Updates volunteer database with volunteer hours completed during the cook cycle.
Provide leadership for Monday Prep Day
Prepares kitchen for the day (turn on dishwasher, pilot lights if cooking.
Prepare kitchen stations leveraging Monday Prep Instructions from Chef and recipes (Prints them out if needed).
Facilitates station assignments as volunteers arrive.
Addresses volunteer questions regarding preparation steps.
Responsible for acquiring missing ingredients as needed.
Ensures sanitary and safety standards are common practice.
Records volunteer hours for Prep day assignments.
Conducts check off/clean up checklist doc on clipboard.
Develops and distributes prep day recap.

Completion of the Food Handler’s Certification Class
1 year term job commitment with option to renew.
Activities are performed at the Culinary Angels Kitchen