Recipient Care Coordinator
Duties: Overview

The Recipient Care Coordinator manages the lifecycle of our recipients, from early engagement, thru end of engagement. S/he maintains communications with interested and active recipients, outlining Culinary Angels goals, values and deliverables. Communicates through email and voice with compassion and thoughtfulness. Maintains sensitivity to the recipient privacy. Responsible for delivering key metrics for meal prep and delivery cycles.

Specific Deliverables
•Initial point of contact between interested recipients and Culinary Angels organization.

•Responds to initial recipient inquiries.
•Initiate email/phone communication to interested recipients.
•Follow up communication by email/phone to build understanding of recipient’s needs, medical position and nutritional requirements.
•Articulates Culinary Angels philosophy, mission and goals.
•Collects detailed information upon determining recipient match with
Culinary Angels mission.

•Share with recipients that we are a donation based organization and if they are able to make a donation it would be appreciated. This will allow us to continue to feed others in need. (Meals are about $15 - $20.

•Maintains master recipient spreadsheet containing contact, meal specific, nutrient and notations (names, address, contact information, special considerations, dietetics restrictions…)

•Prepares and distributes the following information for each meal delivery cycle:

•Meal count including vegetarian, non-vegetarian, soups and bone broth counts.

•Distribute meal delivery list to delivery coordinators.

•Communicates changes, as they occur, to chef/delivery coordinators.

Key Activities
•Checks email daily for new recipient requests.
•Maintain Recipient Database
•Notifies active recipients by email/phone of upcoming meal delivery.
•Updates recipient spreadsheet with recipient meal delivery changes.
•Communicate/clarify significant recipient changes with Director.
•Finalizes meal counts prior to meal delivery. Meal counts include breakdown of meal variations (veg/non veg) soup and broth counts.
•Communicate meal count details to Director, meal teams and delivery Coordinators.
•Creates meal delivery list and forwards this information to the Delivery Coordinators
•Provides timely update to the appropriate individuals when needed.
•Contacts recipients nearing their final delivery with the intent of informing of upcoming changes or extending meal deliveries.
•Timely follow-up on all recipient questions and inquiries.
•Distribute recipient data/information to Director/Board members as required.

•1 year term job commitment with option to renew.
•Can dedicate 3-5 hours per week towards task completion.
•Access to computer and WIFI.
Qualifications: Key Attributes and Skills
•Communicates with compassion and understanding.
•Ability to listen and set clear boundaries.
•Ability to personally connect with individuals.
•Comfortable working with people with serious health challenges.
•Understands and can articulate Culinary Angels mission and how it relates to wellness.
•Redirect, sensitively, when recipients requirements do not match Culinary Angels goals and mission.
•Upholds and understands confidentiality of the recipients.
•Passion for nutrient-rich, plant-based ingredients.
•Time sensitive to deliverables.
•Detail mindset.
•Comfortable updating computer based information.