Inventory Control
Duties: Overview
The Inventory provides information about what’s on hand in the kitchen; a full inventory after each bi-weekly meal preparation and delivery (dry goods, baking goods, supplies, refrigerator, freezer). The Chef and Baker consider these ingredients when designing their menus. The Kitchen Manager considers the inventory when preparing the Shopping List.
The inventory is completed the Thursday following a Cook cycle. The inventory database is updated by Thursday (same day) or Friday. It is posted in the Inventory Folder and an email notification is sent to the Chef. The Summary includes the following information
Bone Broth Total amounts, frozen, refrigerated
Broth and soup container counts.
Perishable Items to Consider for Recipes (we have a large inventory or an item is aging.
Recommended panty items needing replenishment.
Work closely with Chef to align on common reporting metrics.
How To
Print a copy of the inventory spreadsheet for the current week.
In the kitchen, go through each tab on the spreadsheet and update the quantities, deleting items we no longer have and adding new items we’ve acquired.
For items that are deleted, consider if they are standard pantry items that should be replenished. If so, include them in the recommendations for replenishment and add them to the Shopping List.
When completing the inventory, pay attention to the specific descriptions as we want to be as organic as possible.
In general, you’ll have an idea of what’s been used that week and should be able to move quickly focusing on those items that were used in the cooking that week.
For spices, there are alot of sizes, so they are simply categorized as small, medium, large.
For inventory items where there is more than one container, the number of containers and their size (generally usually the same size) is listed, followed by fractions depicting the fullness of each container. For example, 3 1 lb bags, 2 full, ½ means 3 bags, 2 are full and one is ½ full.
For freezer items, try to capture either the date the item was stored (usually on the non-commercial items) or the expiration date (date on commercial products). This is a goal in progress.
Count the supplies (loosely) in the cupboard in the pantry room.
When you’ve completed and posted the Inventory file to the folder, prepare for the next cycle’s inventory by making a copy of it and renaming it to the next cycle’s inventory.
1 year term job commitment with option to renew.
Kitchen inventory is located at the Culinary Angels Kitchen
Inventory counts and updates take 2 – 21/2 hours.