Duties: The Chef is responsible for the menu, recipes and successful execution of bi-weekly prep and cook activities. S/he ensures the meals are nutrient dense, organic and aligned with our CA philosophy. S/he provides oversight to teams preparing and cooking recipe items. S/he manages the relationship with our garden produce providers. Ensures that the kitchen has food and supplies needed to support planned meal preparation. S/he ensures that kitchen is clean and secured when cooking is done Utilizes archival recipe as a reference for future menus.
Qualifications: Specific Deliverables
•Generate cook cycle menu & recipes and publishes to Volunteer Coordinator and Executive Director for input and feedback.

•Generate recipe instructions with clear, understandable ingredients and quantities that are easy to follow.

•Prepares prep day Instructions with an eye on balancing the cook cycle workload.

•Garden requests email sent bi-weekly to each garden donor.

•Completes a Shopping List of necessary items for upcoming Cook cycle.

•Calculate total ingredient requirements needed for the cook cycle.

•Remove ingredients which are already in inventory.

•Remove ingredients we will receive from garden donors.

•Add ‘pantry’ items that are running low.

•Provides guidance to shoppers when clarification if required.

•Prepares Cook day stations organized by recipes prior to volunteer arrival.

•Mentors and directs Cook Day team as needed.

•Supports Cook day team in use of equipment as needed (stove, sinks, dishwasher, immersion blender, robot-coup).

•Ensures sanitary standards are common practice.

•Conducts check off/clean up kitchen checklist review
Directions: Key Activities
•Recipes (to be created 8 weeks in advance; 4 cycles)

•Protein- known 4 cooking sessions ahead

•Side 1- known 3 cooking sessions ahead

•Soup- known 3 cooking sessions ahead

•Side 2- known 1 cooking session ahead, subject to garden availability

•Bake good recipes known 3 cook sessions ahead.

•Completes a full inventory after each bi-weekly meal preparation and delivery (dry goods, baking goods, supplies, refrigerator, and freezer).

•Manage menu item container inventory (jars, lids, meal containers). Insure adequate inventory to cover meal cycle, request and procure as needed.

•Family sizes’ recipe for website publication.

•Introduces new ideas and concepts for menu adjustments, ideas and cooking methods.

•Provides direction and approves all modifications to recipes and cooking techniques.

•Manage kitchen equipment and utensil needs. Repair, request and procure items as required.

•Maintains a working knowledge of key kitchen equipment (stove, sinks, dishwasher, immersion blender, robot-coup).

•Supports and actively participates in CA Operations Sessions.

Future Activities
•Develop a known and reliable source such as US Foods, Sysco, or other sources for ingredients (proteins, bulk items).

•Work with the Volunteer Coordinator and Chef to optimize number of kitchen staff matching to Prep and Cook Day Instructions.

•Work with church staff to ensure cleaning supplies are in stock.