Delivery Scheduler
Duties: Overview
The Delivery Scheduler manages the meal deliveries planning process. S/he builds delivery routing, assigns route owners, and communicates routing information to the Delivery Angels. Collaborates with the Volunteer Coordinator ensuring the appropriate level of resourcing is available.
This Position can be performed within an at home office.

Specific Deliverables
Route meal deliveries by city.
Identify the number of Delivery Angels, by geography, needed for the upcoming cooking cycle.
Communicate with the Volunteer Coordinator number of Angels required.
Assign delivery routing by Delivery Angel and geography.
Communicate delivery routing information to Delivery Angels.
Prepare Meal Packet List and validate accuracy of each component.
Key Activities
Using Delivery List for upcoming cook cycle, route deliveries by city. (Targeting 5-6 deliveries per Angel).
Collaborate with Volunteer Coordinator to identify volunteer requirements.
Emails delivery routing information to assigned Delivery Angels.
Emails Meal Packet list to Meal Packaging Lead.
Respects the confidentiality of our recipients.
1 year term job commitment with option to renew.
Working knowledge of spreadsheets, email, routing software (provided).
The week prior to delivery, routing is performed Friday morning. (~ 1 hour)
Email routing details to each Delivery Angel Sunday PM. (~30 min)
Sunday of delivery week, build the Meal Packet List. (~1 hour).