Supply Coordinator Assistant (SCA)
  1. Organize Supply Room Following Supply Coordinator instructions
  2. Use of photocopier and office equipment
  3. Organize Office Supply Room.
  4. Help prepare forms and documents for New Patients Folder
  5. Greets guests and clinicians visiting office.
  6. Assist with labeling of Racks and Shelves in Supply Room
  7. Help prepare New Clinicians Supply Bags.
  8. Other duties as assigned.

  1. Attention to detail
  2. Organized
  3. Enthusiastic
  4. Willing to learn new tasks
  5. Commitment to length of program

General Responsibilities:

The Supply Coordinator Assistant (SCA) serves as the aid for the Medical Supply Room for Brooks Rehab Home Health, supporting the Department's mission of providing supplies to clinicians and also patients at their homes. The Supply Coordinator Assistant (SCA) represents the agency to members of the public who visit its offices weekly.

  1. Maintain confidentiality of patient, staff and proprietary information.                        
  2. Adhere to policies and procedures specific to patient rights.                                      
  3. Maintain a clean and safe environment; identifies and reports hazards      
  4. Meet all requirements for mandatory education including annual TB Test and Flu compliance.
  5. Adhere to policies/procedures specific to universal precautions when delivering patient care.
  6. Adhere to policies regarding attendance, conduct, grooming, and dress code.
  7. Promote a positive image of the company to outside agencies and the public.
  8. Participate in performance improvement activities as needed.
  9. Exhibit excellent service to patients, resident, visitors, physicians, and co-workers.
  10. Show courtesy, compassion and respect for all customers.
  11. Promote the mission, vision and values of the organization.
  12. Comply with professional, regulatory, ethical and legal standards.

Address: 6676 Corporate Center Parkway
Suite # 104
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Minimum age:18
Direct Patient Contact:No
Fingerprinting Required:No