Pediatric Adaptive Recreation - Daytona
  1. Assist PAR Staff with equipment and/or site set up.
  2. Engage participants and family members in conversation, (make sure no one is left out).
  3. Ensure the safe participation of all.
  4. Join in the activities as requested (riding bikes, kayaking, playing a team sport, etc...)
  5. Follow ALL instructions provided by PAR Staff.
  6. Specific instructions will be provided prior to the start of each event.

  1. Must be 16 years old or accompanied by a legal guardian.
  2. Good communication skill.
  3. Push, pull, lift, 50 to 100+lbs. 
  4. Occasional bending, kneeling, walking and or running.
  5. Remain on your feet 2-4 hours at a time.
  6. Visual and hearing acuity are essential.
  7. Exposer to excessive heat, humidity, rain and sun.
  8. Completion of all required training, and documentation, including annual TB Questionnaire.
  9. Ability to interact with people of all ages and abilities
  10. Must be friendly, respectful, professional and   demonstrate a passion for people
  11. Must be a patient, courteous listener, and   show empathy to all customers
  12. Must be flexible with an ability to handle a changing environment

General Responsibilities:
  • Maintain confidentiality of patient, staff and proprietary information.                                                
  • Adhere to policies and procedures specific to patient rights.                                                               
  • Maintain a clean and safe environment; identifies and reports hazards.                                                
  • Adhere to policies/procedures specific to universal precautions when delivering patient care.
  • Adhere to policies regarding attendance, conduct, grooming, and dress code.
  • Promote a positive image of the company to outside agencies and the public.
  • Participate in performance improvement activities as needed.
  • Exhibit excellent service to participants, families and co-workers.
  • Show courtesy, compassion and respect for all customers.
  • Promote the mission, vision and values of the organization.
  • Comply with professional, regulatory, ethical and legal standards.

Direct Patient Contact:No
Fingerprinting Required:No