Cat Care: Kitten Infirmary
Duties: DUTIES
Enrichment activities
Making “purr”-itos
Feeding kittens; bottle-feeding
Spot cleaning
Document health concerns
Keeping supplies stocked for the Shelter Staff
Mix fresh food

Mon-Fri Morning: 8AM-10AM
Mon-Fri Afternoon: 12PM-2PM
Mon-Fri Evening:4PM-5:30PM
Sat-Sun Morning: 7AM-9AM
Sat-Sun Evening: 1PM-2:30PM
Qualifications: QUALIFICATIONS:
Minimum of 16 years of age without parent or guardian supervision
Have genuine compassion for animals and their well-being
Commit to once per week
Working knowledge of using appropriate techniques in removing waste from cat kennels, replacing water in cat kennels, and basic housekeeping skills in order to keep the living space comfortable and healthy for the cats
Working knowledge of basic cat language and behaviors
NO criminal charges involving domestic abuse, theft, sexually-related crimes, abuse towards animals, and/or a Protective Order
Minimum age:16
Volunteers serve up to: 2 hours Weekly