Day Trip: Sniff About
Duties: DUTIES:
Take out shelter dogs and transport them to local walking trails in Davis County
Take out shelter dogs and socialize them in the volunteers' home
Write up a description about the dog in order to be used for marketing purposes and potential adopters

Mon-Fri: 10AM-5PM
Qualifications: QUALIFICATIONS:
Minimum of 18 years of age
Be willing to commit to at least 1 hour with the shelter dog
Have genuine compassion for animals and their well-being
A good handling of dogs that may be easy or difficult
NO criminal charges involving domestic abuse, theft, sexually-related crimes, abuse towards animals and/or a Protective Order
Court-Order individuals will only be able to count 1 service activity from this position (up to 7 hours)
Minimum age:18
Volunteers serve up to: 7 hours One time