Roving Wildlife Interpreter
Location: Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge
Duties: Volunteer assists visitors on the Wildlife Drive. All training and equipment are provided.
- Greet and interact positively with visitors on the Wildlife Drive.
- Must be willing to learn and acquire a good working knowledge of the refuge, its policies, and wildlife over time.
- Provide information, directions, orient, and answer visitor questions in regards to the refuge and its wildlife
- Utilize interpretive and educational materials (binoculars, scope, field guides, etc) to educate the public on various topics.
- Keep accurate field notes of visitor interactions, wildlife sightings, and refuge violations and report to refuge staff when appropriate.
Qualifications & Time Commitment: Must complete a volunteer orientation with the volunteer coordinator and complete two, 3-hour long shadow shifts with experienced roving volunteers prior to volunteering independently. Volunteers should have good communication skills, enthusiasm and the ability to work with a variety of people. A background or interest in natural history, ecology or biology is helpful. A willingness to learn about the refuge, its regulations, and wildlife is a must. Attendance of the annual Rover “Refresher” Orientation Session (late March or early April) is required. Volunteers are responsible for their own transportation to, during, and from their shift.
Job Hazards: Potential hazards for this role include outdoor hazards such as scratches from plants (may include thorns and nettles), rash from poison ivy, tick/insect bites/stings, exposure to the elements, or sunburn. Other potential hazards include injury from slips, trips and falls, blisters or foot problems could occur from walking, strain from bending and lifting bins of educational materials or scopes, strain from prolonged time sitting, or injury from incidental encounters with wildlife. Volunteers should be aware of vehicle and bike traffic when on the Wildlife Drive. There is also a potential hazard of working with the public if they become hostile. If the inclement weather is imminent, the volunteer should not proceed with their roving shift.
Address: 17076 293rd Ave NW
Zimmerman, MN 55398
Work:(763) 389-3323
Web site:
Volunteers serve up to: 3 hours Weekly
Times needed:
  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Experience/Skills/Qualifications: Working with People