Feline Welfare Specialist
Duties: Feline Welfare Specialists provide the cats with day to day care, positive human interaction, enrichment activities and training while they await their forever home.

1. Perform daily sanitation of cat adopt kennels according to the Nebraska Humane Society’s Standard Operating Procedures.
2. General cleaning including, but not limited to laundry, and dishes
3. Provide superior care for cats, with a focus on basic necessities such as food, water, and living conditions
4. Provide daily enrichment for cats who are available for adoption.
5. Humane and safe animal handling according the Nebraska Humane Society’s Standard Operating Procedures.
6. While handling animals, must report any behavior or medical observations that could compromise the welfare of the animal.
7. Interact with other volunteers, staff and visitors in a professional and courteous manner
Qualifications:  Ability and desire to handle and work with cats
 Ability to work independently
 Accept direction and guidance from staff in proper handling procedures
 Display affection and compassion for cats and concern for their welfare
 Must adhere to highest ethical standards: possess trustworthiness, exercise maturity and sound judgment while maintaining a professional manner and personal appearance.
 Must be able to work cordially, safely and efficiently in fast-paced, stressful conditions.
 Must exhibit the organization core values of compassion for all animals, respect and dignity for all, strive for excellence, and teamwork.
 Ability to safely and humanely handle animals
 Ability to work around all types of animals without allergic reaction.
Address: 8929 Fort Street
Omaha, NE 68134
Web site:www.nehumanesociety.com
Minimum age:19
Volunteers serve up to: 8 hours Monthly