Duties: Cat ISO Volunteers are asked to work and socialize with cats that are being held in isolation due to having Upper Respiratory Infection (URI). URI is similar to the human common cold and is not contagious to any other species.

Responsibilities: (may include but not limited to)
1. Socializing cats and kittens with URI.
2. Logging daily interactions with cats.
3. Notating any medical or behavioral issues with cats and alerting staff to them.
Qualifications: Qualifications:
***Ability and desire to handle and work with cats
***Ability to work independently
***The ability to safely and humanely handle cats
***Must be able to follow instructions and proper protocols for interacting with sick cats.
***Must comply with all shelter policies and procedures.
***Must be courteous to all volunteers and NHS staff members.
Minimum age:19
Volunteers serve up to: 3 hours Daily