Canine Companion
Duties: May include but not limited to:
1. Provide positive human interactions
2. Daily enrichment and training
3. Kennel support
4. Adoption advocacy

Volunteers must:
a. Walk dogs in all weather
b. Pick up dog feces and clean up after dogs
c. Tolerate odors of all sorts
d. Have an e-mail address that you check on a regular basis (this is the primary way we communicate with volunteers)
e. Read and follow written directions from NHS staff
f. Legibly write brief notes about the dogs
g. Understand risk of exposure to potentially zoonotic diseases

Dogs arrive at NHS in a variety of ways, owner surrender, picked up as strays, confiscated, etc. Our dogs have been through stressful and difficult situations. Volunteer training is imperative to the success of the volunteer and the eventual adoption of the dog.

Specific Opportunities Within Canine Companions

• Dog Walker: Spend time providing the dogs with human companionship, exercise and time out of their kennels.

• Canine Coach: Focusing on dogs in need of training. This group helps teach dogs the skills they need to be a successful family member.

• Kennel Sitter: Provide the dogs with positive, low-stress, low-energy interactions within their kennels.

• Enrichment: Help provide the dogs with a more engaging stay through the use of enrichment and training.

• Dog Isolation: Work with (by walking/sitting with) dogs diagnosed with kennel cough while undergoing treatment isolated from the general shelter population.
Qualifications: Qualifications:
 Must be caring and compassionate toward all the dogs
 The physical ability to handle the dog you are working with including walking, standing for long periods of time, bending, kneeling, etc.
 Knowledge of dogs and their behavior is helpful
 Must comply with all shelter policies and procedures
 Must be courteous to all volunteers, NHS staff and members of the public

SPECIAL NOTE: The shelter staff reserves the right to limit the Canine Companion’s volunteer activities in order to keep the Companion and the dogs safe.
Address: 8929 Fort Street
Omaha, NE 68134
Volunteers serve up to: 2 hours Weekly