Assistant (Cattery)
Duties: The Cattery is a housing area (away from the dog kennels) for our feline friends and sheltered cats. Volunteers here ensure all cats are comfortable and happy by:
* Checking that all water dishes are full and that (if appropriate) cats have food.
* Socializing with, petting, and entertaining cats in the play pen
* Washing Cat Dishes
• Mopping Floors
• Working in Cattery Laundry room
• Cleaning & Sanitizing Cages
• Assisting Customers with Adoption Questions
• Assisting Customers in Looking for Lost Pets
Qualifications: * Must be 18 years or older
* Attend RHS orientation and educational seminars
• Follow Staff guidelines.
• Prefer commitment to weekly shift of no less than 2 hrs per week for minimum of 6 months.
• Ability to receive and send email
• Adherence to dress code
Directions: Appropriate attire is expected and required. Long pants such as jeans (no rips, tears or holes), tee shirts and closed-toe shoes are acceptable. Absolutely NO shorts, cropped shirts, tank tops or sandals are allowed.
Cell phones cannot be used in the Adoption/Cattery Area. If you must use your cell phone, take a break and go outside or use the break room.

Please understand that working in the cattery is physically demanding and has a heightened presence of allergy aggravation. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with a staff member.
Minimum age:18
Volunteers serve up to: 4 hours Monthly