Outside Cleaning of Yards, Kennels, and Grounds
Duties: The Ramona Humane Society grounds are quite large. They include the shelter, a clinic, several dog parks, a turtle bin, a grazing yard for goats and other livestock animals, as well as public areas such as the cattery, kennels, the front desk and other areas. This volunteer position assists in keeping all of the outside areas clean and secure.
* Sweeping and mopping
* Picking up and disposing animal waste
* Watering and sanitizing areas
* Repairs
Qualifications: * Must be 18 years or older
* Attend RHS orientation and educational seminars
• Follow Staff guidelines.
• Prefer commitment to weekly shift of no less than 2 hrs per week, regardless of weather for minimum of 6 months.
• Ability to receive and send email
• Adherence to dress code
Minimum age:18
Volunteers serve up to: 4 hours Monthly