5G Visitor Assistant
Location: Memorial Health (includes Springfield-area and hospice)
Springfield Memorial Hospital

Welcome all visitors to 5G.

Provide locker assistance to all 5G visitors.

Introduce visitors to the educational information kept in the locker room area.

Accompany visitors from the locker room to 5G area.

Assist visitors with leaving 5G area.

Volunteer Information:

Stationed at 5G nurse's station.

Store personal belongings in 5G lockers.

Shifts are:

Sunday-Saturday, 9:45am-12:15pm & 1:45pm-5:15pm


Trained by 5G staff.

Restrictions & Openings:

Volunteers in this area are not allowed to:

Give medical advice.

Wear any jewelry.

Bring personal belongings into the 5G area.

Provide patients anything without the approval by the charge nurse.


Sunday 9:45am-12:15 pm & 1:45pm-5:15pm

Monday 9:45am-12:15 pm & 1:45pm-5:15pm

Tuesday 9:45am-12:15 pm & 1:45pm-5:15pm

Wednesday 1:45pm-5:15pm 

Thursday 9:45am-12:15 pm & 1:45pm-5:15pm

Friday 9:45am-12:15 pm & 1:45pm-5:15pm  

Saturday 9:45am-12:15 pm & 1:45pm-5:15pm 

Minimum age:18
Times needed:
  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Substitute - AM:              
Substitute - PM:              

Preferences: Low Physical Activity
Patient Contact
Visitor/Family Contact