Chef Kay's Support

Read about our Better Food Co.

Every month we work in the kitchen with our HOPE House Chef and a Guest Chef Tuesday - Thursday to prep a couple hundred meals to raise funds for HOPE House through our Better Food Co.

Cooking classes are also just getting re-started March 2022! 

Every week Chef prepares meals for delivery to the Parkwood Neighbourhood Group.

  • Prepare and package food under Chef's direction
  • Follow COVID safety protocols (must wear PPE, wash hands, sanitize frequently, clean surfaces, etc.)
  • Maintain Food Safety 
  • Clean up at end of prep 
  • Help move meals to fridges, vehicles, etc. 
  • Assist Chef as needed


- Basic Kitchen experience required (including home kitchen)

- Able to clean and tidy in the kitchen

- Fast paced kitchen environment
Skills: Cleaning & Sanitizing
Enjoy making pick-up & deliveries
Enjoy working with food
Food safety knowledge/experience