Doody Patrol
Duties: Help keep HHS beautiful! We run on cleanliness and friendliness. Our animals deserve clean and healthy environments from the kennels to the trails. We need help from Volunteers serving Doody Patrol to keep an eye out for dirty toys, brushes, feces, trash, and more left around the facility.
Qualifications: -Handle dirty toys/feces/trash
-Keep hands clean
-Handle cleaning spray like Odoban or Kennel Care
-Must be 15 or older to enter kennels by themselves
-Safely take toys/bones/treats away from kennels and pets if left unused/dirty/broken
-Remember: FECES CARRY DISEASES and we don't want our pets getting sick
Directions: -Must patrol the facility looking for dirty toys, feces, etc. Pick up items and take to the dirty toy bin or throw away.
-Pick up items left in kennels
-Use cleaning spray, rag, poop bags to clean up any accidents in kennels or hallways
-Organize toy bins
-Ensure poop scoopers are dispersed to each poop box
-Ensure poop boxes, scoopers, etc are working and in good shape
-See an Adoption Counselor or Volunteer Coordinator for any questions or to show you where proper supplies are
Address: 14700 Almeda Rd
Houston, TX 77053
Minimum age:10
Volunteer Orientation Required:YES
Safe Dog Handling Class Required:NO
Foster Orientation Required:NO
Contact: Sue Curtis